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Professional Movers: The Quick and Efficient Way of Moving

Whether you are moving to a residential home or commercial building, professional movers can make the transition less stressful and more efficient. Relocating to a new home or office can be a complicated process for people who lack the experience and expertise. Moving is often more expensive and time-consuming when people relocate on their own. Learn more about the advantages of hiring professional moving companies to discover how they can help with your next big move!

Professional Packing

Most moving companies provide a variety of packing services to accommondate the individual needs of their customers. Some people prefer to pack thier own belongings, which is why moving companies sell boxes and moving supplies in bulk at a competitive price. Other people require complete packing service because they lack the experience, physical strength, or time to organize a move. Professional packing reduces the risk of damage to delicate items. It also relieves the pressure of preparing for a move on your own.

Affordable Truck Rentals

One of the best ways to move efficiently and quickly is to rent a moving truck to transport your belongings in one or two trips. It’s important to consider the large items in your home or office such as furniture and electronics. A regular truck might hold some items, but it will most likely require several trips. Although some people choose to rent U-Haul trucks, customers should be prepared to pay for mileage costs in addition to the truck rental fee. Professional moving companies include truck rental costs in their package deals, which is usually more cost-effective and convenient in the long run.

Loading and Unloading Services

The most diffucult part of moving is transferring your belongings from one place to another. Loading trucks require a great deal of walking, bending, and lifting. Many people don’t have the endurance and strength for this kind of physical activity. It’s also possible to injure yourself from lifting items that are too heavy. Professional moving companies have the manpower and equipment to move items quickly. Customers can just sit back and watch the professiinals do all the work!

Professional moving companies provide a variety of services to help people plan a quick and efficient move. Packing service is ideal for customers that don’t have the time and energy to box their belongings. Truck rentals are spacious enough to accommondate large moves. Professional edmonoton movers can also load and unload items in a small amount of time.

Why You Should Hire a Moving Company

Moving is a very stressful process. Between getting packing materials, packing up the house and manually picking all the items, it can be cumbersome. However, relying on family and friends to do the job for free can be even more overwhelming. Consider these four factors when you’re looking at moving companies.

Flexible Financing
Call around to different moving companies and find out their rates. Most moving companies give free quotes and you can customize the move based on your own personal expenses. While there might be a standard rate involved, there’s always room for mixing and matching certain services involved. Many moving companies will even get the supplies and pack up your entire home or office space for you. In this case, you don’t have to lift a finger. If you’d prefer to declutter your area, pack and label boxes yourself, leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Quick Turnaround Time
If you depend on your own strength to move a bunch of boxes and heavy furniture, there’s no telling how long it will take you to finish such a large project. Even if you solicit the help of family and friends, they may get tired and want lots of different breaks. A professional mover does this type of work for a living and can be strategic regarding how quickly everything is completed. Besides, once you get to the new place, all you’ll need to do is tell the movers which room to place the items in. That’s as quick as it gets.

Physically Helpful
Moving involves a ton of physical labor. In a way, it’s a lot like weight lifting. In order to be great with weight lifting, you need to have a certain technique. Knees must always be bent and you should never put any strain on your back. A mover is well-versed in how to manage such a physically laborious task without feeling pain later on.

Worth the Investment
Hiring a moving company relieves you of the stress of having to do everything yourself. The most you’ll need to do is direct the movers on where to go. Once you’ve completed that part, the rest is all on them. It’s much easier and nicer to focus on getting settled into a new place and acclimating your family to the new area.

When it comes to moving, the less you have to do, the better. Moving doesn’t have to be a pain as long as you outsource professionals such as electricians, plumbers and in this case, a mover. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and don’t require family and friends to do it in order for you to save a dollar. Take the stress-free route and hire professionals. If you would like to learn more, visit Premiere Van Lines and check out their online resources.

How to Save When Using a Professional Moving Company

Most people engage the services provided by professional movers for the sake of convenience and peace of mind. Reputable moving companies offer efficiency and either minimal or zero risks when it comes to your property, which leaves you with little to do except supervise. As a matter of fact, some reputable movers provide insurance against damages and loss. Although using a professional mover will cost more compared to a do-it-yourself move, listed below are ways to save if you are planning to outsource the job.

1. Shop around
In a similar manner as hiring any other professional, shopping around is worth your while. Start by seeking out at least three candidates from those recommended by family, friends, and colleagues. To get the best price possible, compare the estimates provided while also looking out for any bids that might be well below the others. It is important to understand every listed charge before making a decision. You might also want to follow up your evaluation by checking with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints about the movers.

2. Pick the most suitable time to move
Professional Movers Edmonton are usually busiest during the last ten days of the month since it is when most people move. You might negotiate a better rate if you time your move such that it falls around the middle of the month. For professional moving companies, May through September signifies their busiest season, which means that timing your move in winter if the weather permits or early spring offers the best chance that the movers might willingly negotiate.

3. Get organized
Label all your boxes in a precise manner as you pack and remember to keep an inventory, which could be in the form of a simple list in a notebook or a spreadsheet on your laptop. Stack the packed boxes in an easily accessible part of your house before the movers arrive to make it comparatively easier for them to get your stuff, which translates to faster completion of the job.

4. Eliminate clutter
Moving provides many people with an opportunity to reduce or completely rid their households of clutter. Things that were hidden suddenly reappear, most of which usually seem less useful or interesting. Reducing or eliminating clutter trims down your lifestyle and significantly affects your budget, which is important since you are now paying someone else to haul your property.

Most moving companies charge by weight and are happy to haul everything, including your most insignificant items, across the country. Getting rid of clutter saves you money in addition to eliminating the hassle and stress of finding new hiding places for your previously forgotten household items.

5. Do the easy stuff yourself
One thing the professionals can do much better than you is to safely pack your valuable or fragile possessions such as mirrors, artwork, and heavy furniture. Some moving companies do not insure anything packed by the owner, which means letting them pack the expensive stuff such as your TV might be the wise thing to do. However, you can always pack everything else as long as you observe proper packing techniques to reduce the overall cost of moving.

Are You Moving To Your New Home? Keep These 5 Tips in Mind

Looks like you are all set to move into the house you have been longing for all through your life. Everybody is familiar with the aspects involved in home buying and the inevitable stress that is associated with it, but only a few know what to do right after you have made the purchase. No matter how easy services like professional movers make the entire moving procedure, it is kind of tiring and boring to some extent. Since you have already been through the tiresome home buying procedure, we would like to make things a little easier for you. Here are the 5 things you should always keep in mind before moving into your new home:

Get Rid Of The Old Locks:

This is probably the first thing anybody in his sane mind would recommend you. You wouldn’t want to wake up thirsty in the middle of the night just to discover intruders dining in your home. Getting the locks changed is stressed upon because it is impossible to predict the number of keys that might be floating around with the bad guys waiting for the perfect opportunity to stun you.

Check The Plumbing:

It is not so uncommon to find people stressed out because of some plumbing leak they overlooked because of the excitement of moving in to a new place. Don’t forget to double check the plumbing of the entire house else there will be good chances of all hell breaking loose on the very first day you move in.

The next priority regarding plumbing would be figuring out where the main shut-off valve of the house is. The main shut-off valve is important because it prevents your house from flooding before the plumber arrives.

Get Familiar With The Electrical Arrangements:

Almost half the mishaps which occur at home have some relation with electrical arrangements of the house. Make sure you do not miss on even the minutest things which might seem insignificant to you. Get familiar with the circuit breakers and label them according to your preference. It is your hard-earned money that has made your dream house a reality and taking such risks would only put the lives of your loved ones at stake.

Make It Look Vibrant:

Many houses get renovated multiple times to maintain their longevity. Although there is nothing wrong with renovating the place, it often leads to replacing certain devices with their newer mismatching counterparts. Replace all such devices to give your house the perfect look. Use vibrant colors to paint the rooms and decorate with bright colored stuff wherever possible. Cutting decoration costs will make your house look ordinary no matter how much you have invested in it.

Get Your Home Inspected:

Although you might believe you have the eyes of an eagle and there isn’t anything that you could’ve missed, there are chances that you might have overlooked some things. Getting your home inspected from professionals is always suggested to make sure your house is free of uninvited pests which might compromise your family’s health.

Once you have made sure that everything mentioned above is taken care of, you are all set to unpack your stuff and start making memories in your own personal dream home.

4 Factors That Greatly Influence Your Moving Costs

Got a new job? Planning on moving someplace new? If you have been searching over the internet like a freak and have ended up here, it is not that hard to tell that you’re planning to move. Since you have already planned on hiring a moving agency in Edmonton to ease the troubles in the mammoth task which moving is, we’d like to give you some insights on the things that influence the moving costs to a great extent:

1. The Type Of Moving:
Got a promotion but the place is like a zillion miles away from your current workplace? The first and the foremost thing to consider is the type of moving you will be doing. If you are planning on hiring a mover to get you relocated within the same state, the moving costs will indeed be lesser. The logic is very simple –the lesser the relocation distance, the lesser the amount you need to pay the agency for moving your stuff around.
However, if you have been planning on doing an interstate moving, that might cost you a fortune. This is when the tips given in this post come in handy and lets you plan in a much better way.

2. The Time Of Moving:
Time is another key factor in deciding the moving costs when it comes to relocation. Most of the agencies in the moving business get busy during the beginning or the end of the month as this is the time when the leases turn over. Planning a mid-month move might prove to be a real money saver.

3. The Total Space Your Shipment Occupies:
If you are an art collector who has way too many fragile items to be handled with care, you might be in trouble here. The fragile materials need a lot of padding to protect them from the damages that might incur during the moving process. Greater padding means larger boxes which in turn mean an increase in overall space that your shipment will occupy. Greater the overall size of the shipment, larger the vehicle required and greater the moving costs.
Apart from the space occupancy, the overall weight of your shipment also affects the costs of moving as heavier shipments require more efforts and demand more fuel. Make sure you earn enough if you have your balls of steel stuffed in one of the boxes!

4. Complexity Of The Job:
If the place you have to move to is located in a narrow street where the moving trucks won’t fit, you should bid farewell to the money saving strategies you have made so far. If the trucks won’t fit, it is obvious that all your stuff will be required to be shifted manually and hence will demand more men. Encountering stairs is another factor you might have missed that makes the moving more complex and hence affecting the overall costs.

Although moving agencies do act as a savior in terms of distress, the thing to remember is that the services they offer are not for free. Now since you know all the important factors that affect the moving costs, why haven’t you called the moving agency already?

Best Moving Services in Edmonton

Let’s explore techniques for finding the best movers in Edmonton.

Word-of-mouth is the best advertising money can’t buy. The best way to find professional movers in Edmonton is through a referral from someone you know. If friends or colleagues have experienced a smooth move recently, get contact information for their moving company Edmonton.

Realtor Recommendations
Realtors know things…best schools, safest neighborhoods and best movers in Edmonton. It never occurs to most people to ask their realtor about reliable moving companies. Realtors frequently hear war stories about people who were ripped-off by a fraudulent mover. Alternatively, they collect information on which moving companies are trustworthy and reliable.

Office of Consumer Affairs
The Office of Consumer Affairs will furnish you with a “Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company”. This is a valuable resource for interviewing moving services in Edmonton. In addition to important questions to ask prospective movers, the checklist advises how to spot determining factors the company is not reputable.

Compile a list of 3-5 potential movers from the recommendations you gathered. Look up each company’s website to get a general idea about their scope of services, company history (often labeled “About us”) and other pertinent information.

Reputable movers in Edmonton will show their e-mail address, telephone number and physical address. If there is a tab ‘contact us’, you may ask questions and expect a reply via e-mail.

Be aware that even fly-by-nighters can design a spiffy website. Another reason to get your references from a trusted source.

Disregard testimonials on the mover’s home site. Instead, look up sites that list consumer reviews. These are impartial reviews, whereas on moving company websites the owner can pick and publish only glowing testimonials.

Do not accept estimates over the internet. Yes, we agree that the web is man’s greatest discovery since fire. But, it is and must remain impersonal.

A reputable mover in Edmonton will send an Estimator to your home. He will inventory every item in every room before providing an estimate.

Bottom Line
While you are in the process of moving, reputable, experienced movers in Edmonton can be your best friends. Then you can write a complimentary testimonial to share with others!

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