5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Big Move

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Big Move

To make your move easier, you need all the tips you can get. Your movers can do a lot for you, but they cannot do everything. Here are 5 packing tips that will cut the time and effort it takes to pack by half and make the experience an enjoyable one for you and our family.

1. Use Plastic Storage Containers Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Plastic containers, as opposed to cardboards, are sturdier and you can use them to pack fragile stuff like your cups and plates without worrying if they will get to the destination in one piece.

You can then use them as storage containers after you are done unpacking.

2. Make the Move Easier on Your Children

Moving can take an emotional toll on your family because they have memories and will find it hard to let go of them. Even if you are moving alone, this can still happen. Before you start packing be sure to take many pictures that you can put in an album. When you begin to miss your old home, just go through the album and remember the good memories you had there.

3. Organize to Sell or Give Away Stuff You No longer Use

A move is the perfect season to de-clutter and sell of old items. If you prefer to give them away to charity, that is great too. Just be sure to get in touch with your charity of choice well before your move date. If you prefer to sell, make sure you organize your yard sale in advance. You can even decide to sell your stuff on eBay. Technology has made everything much easier.

4. Create a Moving List

A moving list will keep you organized and make sure you do not forget anything. You can get hundreds of templates for this on the internet that you can then use as a checklist. Once you have checked everything, then you will know you are ready to move.

5. Move During the Week if You Can

Moving during the weekends is expensive; it can also be hard to find a mover who is available if you had not made an early appointment. If you can get time off work to move during the week, then this will slash your moving costs, and you will be less stressed about the move.

Remember to schedule the move day in advance with your Edmonton movers so you can plan to get leave for a few days to facilitate packing and unpacking. If you are moving, you should probably be done packing a week before the move. It is easier to pack gradually than to squeeze it into a week or two. Give yourself at least a month to pack.

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