5 Tips to Keep Your Possessions Safe During a Move

5 Tips to Keep Your Possessions Safe During a Move

Moving can be a stressful situation, and even the packing process leading up to the move can be draining. You spend a lot of time carefully narrowing down which items you will keep and then pack them up carefully ready for the move. However, there is always the worry that your valuable or sentimental items will get lost, misplaced, or broken during the process. Hiring movers to assist you can help reduce your stress and keep your valuables safe. The tips below can help as well.

1. Inventory List

An inventory list can create a way of accurately tracking exactly what items you have packed for the move and ensure they make it to the next house safely. Often when moving, you can be so stressed that you don’t realize something is missing until months later, so having a list to conduct a quick check at the other end can be vital in keeping watch of your belongings.

A list can also be paramount in the unfortunate event that you have to make an insurance claim. It can provide proof of exactly what you had packed and where, letting the insurance company know that you were not negligent in any way. Any boxes of greater value should be accurately recorded on their own list and given particular attention.

2. Let Movers Do the Moving

Do not lift heavy items alone. Let the mover take control; they know exactly how to lift large, heavy items and to reduce the risk of dropping and damaging them. Ensure the movers you hire have proper experience and equipment.

3. Tape Glass

When it comes to artwork or large family photographs, use tape in the shape of an ‘X’ across the glass. This is an effective way to prevent the glass from shattering or cracking if it’s dropped or knocked over. You can get reinforced boxes or blanket covers for these types of items as well. In addition, movers can provide storage for valuable items, so always enquire about these options before trying to cram everything into your standard packing containers.

4. Use Correct Boxes

Following on from the above point, always consider the boxes and packaging that you are using and don’t solely rely on free cardboard boxes from the supermarket. Purchase heavy-duty boxes to protect your valuables and consider the sizing to ensure that items are not moving around too much inside. Always make sure each box is securely fastened and taped up, preventing items from falling out and either getting lost or breaking. As said above, ask the movers for advice on this; they know what works best.

5. Keep Small Valuables with You

When it comes to your small sentimental items or expensive jewellery, it’s best not to pack it. Instead, put these items in a small handbag and keep it on your person. This decreases the liability of losing those items. Do the same with important paperwork as well so you know exactly where to find your documents when you settle in your new home.

Follow the above tips and hire trustworthy professional movers to assist you in your move.

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