7 Important Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

7 Important Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Moving can be an absolutely hectic time and hiring movers to help you through that time can be a great way to take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. However, each moving services company is different, so it is very important to ask your moving company of choice some questions to make sure things run smoothly on the big day.

1. What do I owe up front?

Many movers will require a deposit of some sort before they will do the move. This is common with many services and is assurance that they won’t do all the work and walk away with nothing. It is normal to have to pay a deposit, but you’ll want to find out how much that deposit is going to run you up front. Keep in mind that any deposit over 20% is a bit outrageous and might be a red flag.

2. Do I need to pack?

There are companies who offer packing services in addition to moving services. Not all companies offer this service though, and you will pay an extra cost if you choose to take advantage of this service. If you do need to pack, the company may have some requirements on how you need to have everything packed, so you may want to find out if they have any guidelines for you on that.

3. What won’t you move?

Movers often have policies about the things they will and will not move. Things they won’t move range from explosives and firearms to pets, food, corrosive materials and very valuable items like money. This list differs depending on the company, so just be sure to find out what exactly you can leave in their capable hands, and what you will need to take care of yourself.

4. What do you add extra charges for?

Some companies add extra charges for stairs, large items, additional floors in the home and more. Don’t let yourself get stuck with unexpected charges. Even if you are willing to pay regardless, it is best to have all the information up front so you are aware how much you are being charged and why.

5. Will you do an in-home estimate?

Another way to avoid unexpected costs is to have an estimate done. The best way to have an estimate done is to have in the home. This means that the movers (or representatives from their company) will come and assess your home. This gives them the opportunity to check if any of those extra charges apply to your situation.

6. What kind of insurance do you have?

This question should actually be adapted for two separate reasons. The first is to ask if their Edmonton movers have proper worker’s compensation insurance. If they do, they will be covered if they injure themselves while moving your things. However if they become injured on your property and they do not have proper worker’s compensation, you could end up having to pay.

The second part of this question is if they have liability insurance and what it is. This means if they damage your items, that you will receive compensation for those items.

7. Can I have all that in writing?

Any estimate or information you get, get it written down! It is too easy to go back on your word when you don’t have proof it was ever said. Of course, many movers won’t be interested in burning bridges with customers, but there are many ways that a miscommunication could end up costing you. Your safest bet is to get all of the information regarding your move written down for your and their reference.

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