7 Ways to Find a Professional Moving Company

7 Ways to Find a Professional Moving Company

Trust us, although it might be easy to get distracted with all the other details that go into moving homes or businesses, finding the right movers is imperative! When the big day comes, you need to know you have a team of people you trust and can communicate with in order to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible and you don’t end up with frustrating, and possible very costly, regrets.

1. Plan in advance and be glad that you did

The truth is that good news travels fast. Movers who have established themselves as reliable and professional are going to be booked far in advance. So some of the best advice you can follow is to make sure you start looking for Edmonton movers as soon as possible in your moving process. If you wait until the last minute, you are going to find yourself in a position where you have very little power to shop around or negotiate, and could end up paying more for an inferior service.

2. Talk to friends, talk to neighbors, don’t be scared to ask around

The best case scenario is that you will be a recommendation from someone you know. When movers already have a trusted relationship with a client, they are automatically going to take your business more seriously. That being said, you also generally rely on online reviews and testimonials, especially if there are lots of them about a particular company.

3. Get a quote up front

In addition to getting recommendations and doing your homework, one of the first things you should do when you start contacting companies is request a quote. You should also get quotes from multiple companies, which should include details on the services they’re offering (Are they bringing a truck? Padding? Dollies?) in addition to how much it’ll cost you.

4. Compare, compare, compare

There are also apps out there which can help you keep track of and compare different companies. Whatever company you pick, get a written account of the price they promised you and any fine print so that you’re armed to push back if they try to charge you more after they’ve already started moving your stuff, or if they try to keep your stuff as collateral.

5. In house consultation

Depending on the scope and scale or your move, the quote you’re been given might vary greatly. It is worth concerning an in-home estimate so you can really get a good idea of what things are going to cost. It is not necessarily that movers are trying to take advantage of you by charging a higher price, but sometimes people unfamiliar with the ins and outs of moving will not provide a complete picture of the work that needs to be done.

6. Consider doing the packing yourself

If you pack your belongings yourself, the mover generally isn’t responsible for damage to them. However, if you have your mover do the packing, you may pay inflated prices for boxes and packing materials, not to mention time and labor. If you decide to have the movers pack, ask about the packers’ experience. Most packers are careful, but you want to avoid the chance of getting someone who tosses whatever they can into a box and then seals it up with little regard for breakage.

7. When the big day arrives

You should feel confident about any company you’ve run through the checks above. Just be sure to double confirm the dates and details of your move, and make sure you get a signed order for service and a bill of lading. You are also responsible for providing movers with detailed directors for getting to your new home, and keep in mind that it is always advisable to make sure you have exchanged cellular phone numbers so you can easily reach each other throughout the move.

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