4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving into a new home or apartment is a major undertaking, and it requires a considerable amount of energy, strength and time to complete. This is not a project that you can tackle on your own, and you may need the additional support of several friends or family members to move your heaviest or bulkiest items into your new space. Hiring movers is generally a preferred option for many people who are preparing to relocate to a new residence, and you should look for these four things when choosing a moving company to hire.

1. Years of Experience

The best company to hire when you need help moving generally is not a newly established company. When you hire the wrong moving company, you run the risk of some of your items being damaged or lost. Experience is a strong indicator of a company’s overall ability to provide great service to customers over the years, and it may also teach the moving team excellent skills and techniques to provide you with the best results.

2. An Excellent Reputation

You also need to research the reputation of the moving company before you make a final decision about which movers to hire. One way to do this is to get a word-of-mouth referral from a neighbor or friend who has recently moved. You can also research reviews online for more information about what kind of service or experience you can expect.

3. A Firm, Affordable Quote

Moving rates can vary substantially, so it is imperative that you request multiple quotes from several reputable moving companies in your area. Some quotes, however, are not firm and leave plenty of room for the moving company to tack on additional fees after the service is completed. Look for a firm quote with a guaranteed rate for the best results.

4. Effective Insurance Coverage

Even the most skilled and experienced movers may break or lose an item from time to time. The company’s insurance coverage should pay for these losses. Before you finalize your plan to hire a specific moving company for your upcoming relocation project, ask about their insurance coverage. More than that, review the coverage personally to ensure that it is protective and active.

Moving into your next home or apartment is not a project that you want to tackle on your home, but you also do not want to hire the first moving company that you stumble onto. The cost and quality of moving services can vary substantially, and you understandable want the best overall results from your Edmonton movers. If you are preparing to move within the next few weeks, spend time today comparing moving companies in your area in each of these four areas.

Four Reasons to Use Movers When Relocating After a Divorce

After a divorce, you or you and your ex-spouse may both need to leave the place where you lived together. Over the time you were married, you may have amassed quite a collection of belongings. Consider these four benefits of having movers handle the task of loading, transporting and unloading your belongings after you get a divorce.

1. Reduce Your Level of Stress

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you could experience in your life. Moving could also be a stressful experience if you had to do it without any help. When both of these situations are happening around the same time, hiring movers to handle most of the work for you could help to lower your stress. The moving team will give you some respite from the long list of things that you already have to do.

2. Focus on Your Fresh Start

Instead of spending time worrying about getting the right boxes and arranging the logistics of a move, using movers Edmonton allows you to focus on your fresh start. Let the moving agent handle all of the details on your behalf. You could use your mental energy thinking about more pleasant things, such as how to set up the furniture at your new home or apartment or planning a welcome party for your friends and family once you have settled into your new home. Focusing on your fresh start allows you to concentrate on the positive things in your life.

3. Minimize the Sad Memories

Touching the furniture and sorting through shared belongings could trigger sad memories of what your life used to be. Instead of dealing with sadness, allow the moving experts to do the packing and loading for you. By having someone else move aside the things that you are not taking, you will not have to concern yourself with them. You may feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, since the things that had been frustrating you will no longer be yours to deal with. The moving team will lighten your load physically and emotionally.

4. Speed Up the Moving Process

During or after a divorce, you might want your move to go as quickly as possible. If you are relocating to a new city or starting a new job, you might have some strict deadlines about when you need to be there. Hiring a moving team means that your move will go off without a hitch. You will not have to worry about not being finished with the packing, because the moving team can do it for you.

When You Move Is As Important As How You Move: Read It To Believe It

Moving has always caused hiccups for people doing it. While planning to move into a new house, it’s difficult to arrange your stuff and keep everything sorted. You spend a lot of time thinking about the size of the boxes you need to pack your belongings, the plan to move in an efficient way so as to cause less trouble.

Many such things would pop-up in your mind. However, do you ever think what time would it be perfect for you to move? If you have never given a thought over it, this article would make you do so. Let’s see how planning the timings and days of moving saves you a good amount of money:

Choose Your Holidays Wisely


When you plan to move your stuff, you select a random holiday and go for booking your movers Edmonton then and there. Wait! Are you the only one who would be having an off-day on that particular day? Obviously, no. What you should do is, look for the holidays you have which are not usually public holidays. There would be some days on which your firm or your trade would have a holiday and the other firms wouldn’t. Try choosing those ones. The moving companies usually keep a higher rates on public holidays and people have no other options than to accept the deal and move on.

Middle of The Month

Year Schedule Time Planning Calendar Office Date

You must never choose the dates at the start or the end of a month. The dates you choose should fall in the middle of the month. Why? The reason is, most of the companies have their lease endings during the middle of a month, which means that there is immense rush during the start and the end of every month. When there is rush, there are high prices. To escape these high prices, the best thing is to choose a day which falls in the middle of the month.

Working Days


If you get a leave from your office during working days, that would be the best thing for your pocket. The prices of the moving companies are usually placed low during the working days and it would prove to be very beneficial for you.

Compare Moving Companies


To be a smart buyer (buyer as you are buying a service), you need to have a lot of things in your mind. One of them is to be able to compare the deals that you get from different companies. There are companies which keep lower prices for a certain duration. If possible, you can pounce upon those opportunities and try to cash-in with your moving. Try searching for the websites of various moving companies and try to know about the deals that they are providing. Look for a good deal and book it.

Issuing Notices


Apart from submitting an application to your employer about the leave that you are going to take, there are many other notices you should prepare. For example, issuing a notice to your previous house owner regarding moving out, or informing the cable TV personnel to disconnect your connection. You would save a significant amount of money by doing this.

You move should be smart rather than just being fast. While planning the moving, these things should be taken care of as it saves you a good amount of time and money. Hope that this article would have made you give a thought over it!

12 Extremely Helpful Tips For A Successful Moving Experience

It is always hard to relocate to a new place. And with all the tussles and problems of the world that we live in, it is all the more demanding to shift houses. It’s of some use that we have accumulated this grouping of all such fast, fluid and smoothly simple moving and packing advice that will make your moves sleek and easy. That is what Edmonton Movers recommend anyways!

1. Get sorted out right on time

Abstain from leaving anything until the latest possible time. Unless you need to pack up and leave in a rush, odds are you have in the vicinity of 30 and 60 days to make an arrangement and guarantee that moving day runs easily. Make a commencement list and organize all that you have to finish step by step.

2. Figure out your packing technique

How are you going to get from indicate A point B on moving day? For shorter moves, you’ll either need to gather some extremely pleasant companions with trucks or consider leasing a truck for the day. In the event that you have a major family to move or you’ll be moving a long separation, you’ll need to cost out moving organizations.

3. Keep your movers on top of it

Boxes are a certain something, however when you get to the enormous, overwhelming stuff, it’s essential to tell your movers what’s in store.

4. Pick the correct transportation

In case you’re moving a short separation, you might have the capacity to escape with making more than one trek. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have that extravagance, you’ll have to ensure you have the correct size of truck to truck your things in one go.

5. Seize the chance to purge and destroy

Moving is an extraordinary opportunity to sort out your things and dispose of things you do not utilize anymore. On the off chance that the season of year grants, hold a yard deal. Sell off the surplus or plain, throw it away.

6. Put together a pressing pack

On the off chance that more than one individual is pressing, remain composed by building up a framework. Have clear stock sheets arranged so one individual can handle every range or room. Arm every packer with a pen, dark marker, and pressing materials, similar to daily paper, a pressing tape container and boxes.

7. Green your move

Moving day can create a lot of waste like cardboard, air pocket wrap and daily paper. For things you’ll be putting away even once you have moved in, choose the reusable plastic receptacles you can buy at stores like Home Depot or Solutions.

8. Reuse boxes

You may in any case require a couple of cardboard boxes to round out your moving pack. Half a month prior to you begin pressing, get a couple of each time you visit the market.

9. Take stock

This is particularly essential in case you’re employing a moving organization. Having a record of your family things is valuable if something disappears. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of the substance of each crate.

10. Label everything!

Name all sides of the container (maintain a strategic distance from the top). Whoever is conveying in your cases won’t not ensure all names are confronting one route for your simple recovery. Have a go at naming each side in marker so you can without much of a stretch find what you require in a stack.

11. Find out your condominium rules

Moving into a townhouse is not as simple as pulling up to the front entryway and stacking your containers onto a lift. Make sure to check the moving approach before planning your moving day.

12. Pack in things you have to pack

You have to bring your gear with you. Why not utilize it as a crate? The same goes for dresser drawers. You may need to evacuate them for transport, however in the event that you don’t have too far to go, they can be useful for light things.

How to Pick the Perfect Movers

Making a major household or business move requires considerable planning. In addition to planning the actual move itself, it is also important to find the best movers for the job. Some moving companies specialize in certain kinds of moves, whether commercial or personal. Others will take on any move that needs to be done. Before choosing a company to trust with your household or company valuables, take time to do a careful search of local professionals to find the best experts for your move.

Word of mouth.

Check with people or other businesses you know that have moved in the recent past. Find out which company they hired and whether they were satisfied with the services received. Ask if they would hire the same Edmonton movers again.

Online reviews.

Many professional companies online provide customer reviews for the public to read. However, it is helpful to know if all reviews are posted, or if those appearing on the website are selected because of positive feedback. Look for reviews on objective consumer sites, like Yelp or Angie’s List. You can even do a general search of the moving company’s name to see what type of information comes up.

Social media.

If the moving company uses social media like Facebook or Twitter, check out their posts as well as the public’s responses. You can learn quite a bit by the company’s posts, such as how knowledgeable they are and the type of services they provide. You can also notice what is missing, such as information about being insured or bonded. Look to see how recent and frequent the posts are for an idea of the company’s public engagement.

Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau cannot provide a company profile for all businesses, but it can indicate whether a specific company has received complaints through the BBB and how the complaints were resolved, or if they were. Most companies want to maintain a positive BBB standing and will attempt to address issues amicably to the customer’s satisfaction. A company who isn’t listed with the BBB is not necessarily in good standing; it just means that no one has lodged a formal complaint with that organization.

Comparison shop.

No matter how good the moving estimate sounds. it is usually a good idea to compare services and costs for at least two or three companies. Factors like availability, auxiliary services, experience and training levels, and costs can be weighed to find the best mover for the job.

Moving is an important undertaking that should be handled by the most skilled and competent crew available. Take time to find the best company for your move to ensure good results.

What You Can Learn By Reading Consumer Reviews About Moving Companies

One of the most common steps consumers make before buying a product or service is to read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews help many people avoid making bad buying decisions, save money and more. Just as you should read consumer reviews about plumbers, restaurants, retail stores and more, you also should read online comments before you decide with moving company to hire to help you with your upcoming relocation plans. The services of movers can be invaluable, helping you to take the time and effort out of moving. However, when you make a poor decision about which movers to hire, you run the risk of having items damaged or lost, paying more than necessary for moving services or even not having the moving team show up on the big day. As you read through the reviews, focus on these aspects of the comments.

How the Fees Were Charged
It is common for Edmonton movers to charge fees based on an hourly rate or a per room rate. With an hourly rate, you may receive an estimate for the number of hours a project may take based on the number of rooms in your home, the presence of stairs, any large or heavy items that need to be moved and more. With both types of services, you understandably expect your up-front quote to be very close to or spot on with the actual cost of services. However, some reviews may indicate that some companies tend to lowball rates and to charge a final rate of two or more times the amount of the quote.

The Timeliness of Service
Ideally, your moving team will show up on time as scheduled, and they will work diligently to complete the job in the most efficient manner possible. Some moving companies, however, may have a history of showing up late or not at all. Others may be known for having slow service or taking numerous or long breaks, which can be costly when you are being charged by the hour. Through reviews, you can learn more about the service you can likely expect through the use of different moving companies.

How Belongings Were Protected
Many consumers expect their belongings to be properly handled while being moved into their new location. For example, boxes should be carefully handled so that the contents inside is not damaged. Glass mirrors may be repaired and handled with care as well. Furnishings will be carefully maneuvered through doors to prevent damage. These are just a few of the steps you may expect Edmonton movers to take, but some moving companies work carelessly and may damage more items than you might think. Reviews can be enlightening in this area.

When you read consumer reviews about moving companies or any other product or service, it is important to look for themes found in many different reviews rather than focusing heavily on the comments of one specific consumer. This will give you the best overall idea about what to expect from a specific moving company.

3 Easy Steps to Prepare for Movers

Using professional moving services to help you relocate to a new home is a great way to make light work of a rather difficult task. After all, it can be exhausting and may take you several days or more to move everything in your home to a new destination. Movers, however, have the skills, strength and equipment needed to quickly load and unload the truck for you. If you have decided that you want to use the services of a professional moving team to help you with your relocation, there are a few easy steps you can follow to prepare for the team’s arrival.

Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Way

One of the most important steps that you can take on moving day is to have a plan in place for your kids and pets. Your front door may be open for several hours as the workers load and unload the truck, and pets and kids can easily sneak out the door when you are not watching. More than that, they can get underfoot of the moving team, and this can cause injury to them and the Edmonton movers. It can also result in damage to your belongings. Keep pets kenneled if possible, and ask a friend or family member to watch your kids while the moving company is working for you.

Have Your Items Fully Packed

You want your move to be completed as quickly as possible, and one of the things that can easily slow down the moving team is unpacked items. Put as many things in boxes as possible, and this includes even large items like bedding and pillows. Tape and label the boxes, and place them in an easy to access location, such as in the garage, for the movers. The more work you do to prepare for the move, the faster things will go on moving day.

Disconnect Appliances and Electronics
Another important step to take when preparing for the moving company is to fully disconnect your appliances and electronics. This includes everything from the TV and cable box to the refrigerator, lamps and more. Tie the cords to these items up with a twist or zip tie. Your movers may wrap them in plastic or bubble wrap for you to prevent damage while they are en route to their new home. Your effort to disconnect them ahead of time can save many minutes of extra effort.

Some moving companies charge by the hour, and you may be able to save money by taking these steps to prepare for your movers. Even if your moving company does not charge by the hour, the moving process can be completed faster and easier when you take these important steps.

Professional Movers: The Quick and Efficient Way of Moving

Whether you are moving to a residential home or commercial building, professional movers can make the transition less stressful and more efficient. Relocating to a new home or office can be a complicated process for people who lack the experience and expertise. Moving is often more expensive and time-consuming when people relocate on their own. Learn more about the advantages of hiring professional moving companies to discover how they can help with your next big move!

Professional Packing

Most moving companies provide a variety of packing services to accommondate the individual needs of their customers. Some people prefer to pack thier own belongings, which is why moving companies sell boxes and moving supplies in bulk at a competitive price. Other people require complete packing service because they lack the experience, physical strength, or time to organize a move. Professional packing reduces the risk of damage to delicate items. It also relieves the pressure of preparing for a move on your own.

Affordable Truck Rentals

One of the best ways to move efficiently and quickly is to rent a moving truck to transport your belongings in one or two trips. It’s important to consider the large items in your home or office such as furniture and electronics. A regular truck might hold some items, but it will most likely require several trips. Although some people choose to rent U-Haul trucks, customers should be prepared to pay for mileage costs in addition to the truck rental fee. Professional moving companies include truck rental costs in their package deals, which is usually more cost-effective and convenient in the long run.

Loading and Unloading Services

The most diffucult part of moving is transferring your belongings from one place to another. Loading trucks require a great deal of walking, bending, and lifting. Many people don’t have the endurance and strength for this kind of physical activity. It’s also possible to injure yourself from lifting items that are too heavy. Professional moving companies have the manpower and equipment to move items quickly. Customers can just sit back and watch the professiinals do all the work!

Professional moving companies provide a variety of services to help people plan a quick and efficient move. Packing service is ideal for customers that don’t have the time and energy to box their belongings. Truck rentals are spacious enough to accommondate large moves. Professional edmonoton movers can also load and unload items in a small amount of time.

Why You Should Hire a Moving Company

Moving is a very stressful process. Between getting packing materials, packing up the house and manually picking all the items, it can be cumbersome. However, relying on family and friends to do the job for free can be even more overwhelming. Consider these four factors when you’re looking at moving companies.

Flexible Financing
Call around to different moving companies and find out their rates. Most moving companies give free quotes and you can customize the move based on your own personal expenses. While there might be a standard rate involved, there’s always room for mixing and matching certain services involved. Many moving companies will even get the supplies and pack up your entire home or office space for you. In this case, you don’t have to lift a finger. If you’d prefer to declutter your area, pack and label boxes yourself, leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Quick Turnaround Time
If you depend on your own strength to move a bunch of boxes and heavy furniture, there’s no telling how long it will take you to finish such a large project. Even if you solicit the help of family and friends, they may get tired and want lots of different breaks. A professional mover does this type of work for a living and can be strategic regarding how quickly everything is completed. Besides, once you get to the new place, all you’ll need to do is tell the movers which room to place the items in. That’s as quick as it gets.

Physically Helpful
Moving involves a ton of physical labor. In a way, it’s a lot like weight lifting. In order to be great with weight lifting, you need to have a certain technique. Knees must always be bent and you should never put any strain on your back. A mover is well-versed in how to manage such a physically laborious task without feeling pain later on.

Worth the Investment
Hiring a moving company relieves you of the stress of having to do everything yourself. The most you’ll need to do is direct the movers on where to go. Once you’ve completed that part, the rest is all on them. It’s much easier and nicer to focus on getting settled into a new place and acclimating your family to the new area.

When it comes to moving, the less you have to do, the better. Moving doesn’t have to be a pain as long as you outsource professionals such as electricians, plumbers and in this case, a mover. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and don’t require family and friends to do it in order for you to save a dollar. Take the stress-free route and hire professionals. If you would like to learn more, visit Premiere Van Lines and check out their online resources.

How to Save When Using a Professional Moving Company

Most people engage the services provided by professional movers for the sake of convenience and peace of mind. Reputable moving companies offer efficiency and either minimal or zero risks when it comes to your property, which leaves you with little to do except supervise. As a matter of fact, some reputable movers provide insurance against damages and loss. Although using a professional mover will cost more compared to a do-it-yourself move, listed below are ways to save if you are planning to outsource the job.

1. Shop around
In a similar manner as hiring any other professional, shopping around is worth your while. Start by seeking out at least three candidates from those recommended by family, friends, and colleagues. To get the best price possible, compare the estimates provided while also looking out for any bids that might be well below the others. It is important to understand every listed charge before making a decision. You might also want to follow up your evaluation by checking with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints about the movers.

2. Pick the most suitable time to move
Professional Movers Edmonton are usually busiest during the last ten days of the month since it is when most people move. You might negotiate a better rate if you time your move such that it falls around the middle of the month. For professional moving companies, May through September signifies their busiest season, which means that timing your move in winter if the weather permits or early spring offers the best chance that the movers might willingly negotiate.

3. Get organized
Label all your boxes in a precise manner as you pack and remember to keep an inventory, which could be in the form of a simple list in a notebook or a spreadsheet on your laptop. Stack the packed boxes in an easily accessible part of your house before the movers arrive to make it comparatively easier for them to get your stuff, which translates to faster completion of the job.

4. Eliminate clutter
Moving provides many people with an opportunity to reduce or completely rid their households of clutter. Things that were hidden suddenly reappear, most of which usually seem less useful or interesting. Reducing or eliminating clutter trims down your lifestyle and significantly affects your budget, which is important since you are now paying someone else to haul your property.

Most moving companies charge by weight and are happy to haul everything, including your most insignificant items, across the country. Getting rid of clutter saves you money in addition to eliminating the hassle and stress of finding new hiding places for your previously forgotten household items.

5. Do the easy stuff yourself
One thing the professionals can do much better than you is to safely pack your valuable or fragile possessions such as mirrors, artwork, and heavy furniture. Some moving companies do not insure anything packed by the owner, which means letting them pack the expensive stuff such as your TV might be the wise thing to do. However, you can always pack everything else as long as you observe proper packing techniques to reduce the overall cost of moving.