Four Ways to Save Money When Hiring Movers

Four Ways to Save Money When Hiring Movers

Some people who are preparing for a relocation plan to complete the entire move on their own in an effort to save money. Hiring movers does add onto the cost of your relocation, but it also can help you to save time, energy and stress. In some cases, it could also help you to protect your belongings and property from unintentional damage. The good news is that you can take advantage of professional moving services and save money in the process when you follow a few important steps.

1. Do Prep Work Yourself

Many moving companies charge customers by the hour. Others may customize their quote more substantially. However, in both cases, doing as much prep work as possible before moving day can result in financial savings. For example, if your movers need to pack boxes, disconnect appliances or take the legs off of the table, they likely will charge you more for these services. These are steps that most people can complete on their own ahead of time.

2. Clear Out the Clutter

Regardless of whether your Edmonton movers charge by the hour or by the number of boxes and furnishings that you have, the reality is that doing spring cleaning can help you to save money. Remove all unnecessary items to cut down on the number of boxes that you pack. In addition, remove any furnishings that will not be needed in your new home to save even more money on moving services. For an additional financial benefit, donate items in good condition to a charitable organization to enjoy a tax deduction at the end of the year.

3. Schedule Service at a Non-Peak Time

Some moving companies charge a higher rate during peak moving times when their services are in high demand. This is commonly over the weekends. If you can schedule a move Monday through Thursday, you may be able to get a lower moving rate. Each moving company has different non-peak rates, so remember to shop around to find the lowest rate offered by a reputable moving company.

4. Use Stretch Wrap

You may be inclined to pull all of your clothes and other items out of your drawers, but this may not be necessary. You may be able to use stretch wrap to secure the drawers in place. This will make the furniture heavier, but your movers likely are strong enough to handle the job. In addition, it reduces the number of back and forth trips to the truck to potentially save you money.

Because each moving company is unique, it makes sense to talk to a company representative directly for money-saving advice. You can take advantage of the benefits that a professional moving company provides while also saving money when you implement these helpful tips.

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