How to Save When Using a Professional Moving Company

How to Save When Using a Professional Moving Company

Most people engage the services provided by professional movers for the sake of convenience and peace of mind. Reputable moving companies offer efficiency and either minimal or zero risks when it comes to your property, which leaves you with little to do except supervise. As a matter of fact, some reputable movers provide insurance against damages and loss. Although using a professional mover will cost more compared to a do-it-yourself move, listed below are ways to save if you are planning to outsource the job.

1. Shop around
In a similar manner as hiring any other professional, shopping around is worth your while. Start by seeking out at least three candidates from those recommended by family, friends, and colleagues. To get the best price possible, compare the estimates provided while also looking out for any bids that might be well below the others. It is important to understand every listed charge before making a decision. You might also want to follow up your evaluation by checking with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints about the movers.

2. Pick the most suitable time to move
Professional Movers Edmonton are usually busiest during the last ten days of the month since it is when most people move. You might negotiate a better rate if you time your move such that it falls around the middle of the month. For professional moving companies, May through September signifies their busiest season, which means that timing your move in winter if the weather permits or early spring offers the best chance that the movers might willingly negotiate.

3. Get organized
Label all your boxes in a precise manner as you pack and remember to keep an inventory, which could be in the form of a simple list in a notebook or a spreadsheet on your laptop. Stack the packed boxes in an easily accessible part of your house before the movers arrive to make it comparatively easier for them to get your stuff, which translates to faster completion of the job.

4. Eliminate clutter
Moving provides many people with an opportunity to reduce or completely rid their households of clutter. Things that were hidden suddenly reappear, most of which usually seem less useful or interesting. Reducing or eliminating clutter trims down your lifestyle and significantly affects your budget, which is important since you are now paying someone else to haul your property.

Most moving companies charge by weight and are happy to haul everything, including your most insignificant items, across the country. Getting rid of clutter saves you money in addition to eliminating the hassle and stress of finding new hiding places for your previously forgotten household items.

5. Do the easy stuff yourself
One thing the professionals can do much better than you is to safely pack your valuable or fragile possessions such as mirrors, artwork, and heavy furniture. Some moving companies do not insure anything packed by the owner, which means letting them pack the expensive stuff such as your TV might be the wise thing to do. However, you can always pack everything else as long as you observe proper packing techniques to reduce the overall cost of moving.

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