Top 5 things to know before hiring moving services

Top 5 things to know before hiring moving services

So you have purchased a new home, and you cannot wait to move it. However, the stress of unpacking, and moving your heavy furniture gets in the way of your excitement. It is perfectly understandable; you need to hire a professional moving company. The movers will aid you in packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, padding, wrapping among other services. However don’t just hire anyone because they have a poster saying they can help. Here is a list of five things you should consider before hiring a moving company.

1. Comprehensive service

Look for movers who offer full services from padding all the way to rearranging your belongings. If the company does not offer you the full package, then that is not the right company for you. All the services must also be provided at one blanked price so confirm that there are no hidden fees. If the company requires you to pay for rearranging or loading separately, that is not the right company for the job.

2. Rating on review websites

Technology and the evolution of the internet have made it easy for business. So make use of the customer review websites such as Yelp and BBB to know the moving company ratings. An A+ rating means that the business is trusted by other customers and you can trust it too. Poor ratings mean that a good number of their past clients were not happy with the services they received. You should keep off.

3. License and registration

It is illegal in Canada and other parts of the world to operate a business without first registering it and obtaining a license. You can ask them to produce their certification of registration and their operating license. Operating a non-registered business can attract hefty penalties not to mention litigation fees. It can also cause you losses both time and money.

4. Experience level

Moving is no easy fete it requires some degree of care. You do not to engage movers who will damage your belongings or even lose some of your items in the process. It is advisable that you opt for a local and yet experience company. They will have enough knowledge on the neighborhood you are moving in to.

5. Terms of payment

It is important that you find out the terms of payment for the company you are contracting. Some companies will require you to pay upfront, or make a deposit or clear the full amount before they move you. It is advisable that you hire the company that requires payment after delivery. That way you can gauge the level of service.


Before you decide to hire Edmonton movers, ensure that you are comfortable with these few tips. Do not let your excitement get the better of you; you might end up making a mistake that will cost you not only time but your expensive belongings too.

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