What You Can Learn By Reading Consumer Reviews About Moving Companies

What You Can Learn By Reading Consumer Reviews About Moving Companies

One of the most common steps consumers make before buying a product or service is to read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews help many people avoid making bad buying decisions, save money and more. Just as you should read consumer reviews about plumbers, restaurants, retail stores and more, you also should read online comments before you decide with moving company to hire to help you with your upcoming relocation plans. The services of movers can be invaluable, helping you to take the time and effort out of moving. However, when you make a poor decision about which movers to hire, you run the risk of having items damaged or lost, paying more than necessary for moving services or even not having the moving team show up on the big day. As you read through the reviews, focus on these aspects of the comments.

How the Fees Were Charged
It is common for Edmonton movers to charge fees based on an hourly rate or a per room rate. With an hourly rate, you may receive an estimate for the number of hours a project may take based on the number of rooms in your home, the presence of stairs, any large or heavy items that need to be moved and more. With both types of services, you understandably expect your up-front quote to be very close to or spot on with the actual cost of services. However, some reviews may indicate that some companies tend to lowball rates and to charge a final rate of two or more times the amount of the quote.

The Timeliness of Service
Ideally, your moving team will show up on time as scheduled, and they will work diligently to complete the job in the most efficient manner possible. Some moving companies, however, may have a history of showing up late or not at all. Others may be known for having slow service or taking numerous or long breaks, which can be costly when you are being charged by the hour. Through reviews, you can learn more about the service you can likely expect through the use of different moving companies.

How Belongings Were Protected
Many consumers expect their belongings to be properly handled while being moved into their new location. For example, boxes should be carefully handled so that the contents inside is not damaged. Glass mirrors may be repaired and handled with care as well. Furnishings will be carefully maneuvered through doors to prevent damage. These are just a few of the steps you may expect Edmonton movers to take, but some moving companies work carelessly and may damage more items than you might think. Reviews can be enlightening in this area.

When you read consumer reviews about moving companies or any other product or service, it is important to look for themes found in many different reviews rather than focusing heavily on the comments of one specific consumer. This will give you the best overall idea about what to expect from a specific moving company.

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